Links to centers which offer the Waldon Approach for Children with Developmental Delay:

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The Waldon Approach Training, Certification and loads more website.

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The Waldon Association

This site provides technical and expert background to the Waldon philosophy. It is filled with interesting information including some of Geoffrey Waldon’s own papers.

The early learning of children has always fascinated me. Young children learn by doing things. Children also learn through having supportive people around them. My work involves helping children and their families to ensure children learn in the way most suited to their understanding.

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Sibylle Janert

Sibylle is a Psychologist and Autism Specialist, with extensive practical, academic & research experience of working ‘on her hands and knees’ with children on the autistic spectrum.

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Autismus Deutschland – Berlin

The nonprofit organization “Autism Germany, Landesverband Berlin eV” exists since 1971. (By 2006, he had a different name, namely “aid for the autistic child”). It was founded by parents concerned with the aim of exchanging experience and to provide facilities for the educational and therapeutic promotion of autistic children. His work is ensured by grant funds from the Berlin Senate. In addition there are other funds from membership fees, donations and also from fine-inputs. The association is part of the Federal Association.

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Imparole – Milan
Imparole is a center for the diagnosis and treatment of learning disabilities, language, psychomotor delay / intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity (ADHD), psychological and emotional discomfort.

Feuerstein Institute – Jerusalem
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“Everyone deserves a chance to succeed; we help build the pathways to success. “

The Princess Basma Centre – Jerusalem
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Bishopswood School – Sonning Common, Oxfordshire, UK
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St. Andrews School – Oxfordshire, UK
St. Andrews

Springwell School – Southampton, UK
Springwell School