Waldon Approach training can be found on three different websites and parents and practitioners are encouraged to take their time and slowly explore the various items.

What follows on this page is a description of the Waldon Approach and details of the principles behind different activities included in the Waldon Lesson. It is a good place to start.

Waldon Approach

Waldon Lesson

Picking Up and Placing

Use of Tools
Piling and Brick Building

Separating and sorting

Pairing and matching

Sequencing and seriation

Intersectional sorting


On the Videos page on this site, you will find the talks given by Daniel Posner MD on the Movement Perspective and by Walter Solomon on the Waldon Approach at the Young Child Conference in New York in April 2016 together with their respective Power Points.

Also on the same Videos page you will find the workshop demonstrations from the Young Child Conference.

On the associated website www.autismandunderstanding.com/professionalSite-new.php
You will find a series of training lectures from a course given to therapists at the Feuerstein Institute in Jerusalem in 2013/4

On the Waldon Association site http://waldonassociation.org.uk/teaching-sessions.html
There is excellent material on the Teaching Sessions.

Students should also read the essay Understanding Understanding

On Jane Blatt’s site there is a detailed explanation of the quite advanced activity Intersectional Sorting