June 10, 2016:
The Jerusalem Post Cover Story on the Waldon Approach

May 17 2016:
Opening Celebration for the Jerusalem Waldon Center

April 13 2016:
Walter Solomon gave a one hour presentation at the Parkside School Upper West Side New York and has been invited back to do some training during their summer session.
parkside school red door photo

April 12 2015:
We presented a three hour workshop at the Young Child Conference on Early Learning in New York.

Daniel Posner MD, Professor Stephen Shore and Walter Solomon each spoke for 20 minutes and then we had two hours of hands on workshop featuring Waldon’s foundational intentional movement activities.
walter solomon photo from videoDaniel Posner photo
Over 50 people were present for the workshop and then we met many more at our table in the exhibition area.

April 8-9 2016:
Two day workshop at Autismus Deutschland – Berlin

berlin school for autism - image from their site

We trained 12 therapists in the Waldon Approach and I am happy to report that they have decided to adopt Waldon adjunctive to RDIFloortime which is their normal therapeutic approach. Marilyn, Jane and I had worked hard to put the programme together and we were very satisfied with the delivery and delighted with the acceptance of Waldon’s ideas by this group of expert practitioners.

We watched as initial skepticism moved towards acceptance and the manager has already signed up for on-line supervision with SKYPE. We expect one or two more to join soon.