In one parent’s words: “I want to say a big THANK YOU for everything.  I think that what you are doing is absolutely wonderful and the Waldon Approach should become compulsory in any school that is dealing with special needs children.”
Daniela, Cape Town, 2015.

“Our son Gavriel (17 years old with low-functioning autism) has been working with Walter for three months. We are amazed at how happy and willing Gavriel is to do the work; he is able to sit for a full hour-long session, often with a smile on his face. It is fascinating for us to watch our son work in this way. We feel like we are seeing him in a new light, seeing how he thinks through tasks that are presented to him. We also see his limitations, and are more aware of the areas that need improvement.

The Waldon Approach is a perfect balance of enjoyment and challenge within the boundaries of what is comfortable and appropriate for our son’s developmental level. Walter is gentle and kind, while firm and persistent. He is vastly knowledgeable and is training us to work with our son at home. The sessions are practical, engaging, and creative; they encourage Gavriel to solve problems and think independently.

We feel like we are retracing the developmental steps that Gavriel was too ill to experience as a young child. The normative play that our son missed out on as a young boy is being experienced within the framework of the therapy.

We are very happy that we found the Waldon Approach and look forward to helping our son grow and improve.”
Adena & Eliahu, Parents of Gavriel, September 2016.

“We just had our first meeting. Thank you Walter. That was the hardest I have ever seen Leia work. To see her do purposeful work with her hands and concentrate for such a long period of time was so exciting for me. She actually looked like she was enjoying herself! Bless you.”
Tanya, July 2016.

Waldon-Workshop: 8th+9th of April 2016 in Berlin.

“We were thrilled to welcome Jane Blatt, Marilyn Crook and Walter Solomon for a two-day-workshop about the Waldon-Approach in our Autism Centre in Berlin, Germany!
Within these two days we learned about the basic principles the Waldon-Approach has to offer for children with developmental difficulties and their families. The course content was based on rich knowledge and very well balanced with hands-on-activities and practical exercises. We had great fun throughout both days and it was fascinating to get a different view of autistic children and their learning tools.
Now the Waldon-Approach is an inherent part of our basic concept to play and work with autistic children and their families.
A big thanks to Jane, Marilyn and Walter for sharing their experiences with us in a very inspiring and professional way! We are looking forward to inviting them again in the future.”
André Zirnsak, December 2016.

Reference letter from Steven Gross, Director of the International Dept. at the Feuerstein Institute.