Please watch these videos if you want to get a full appreciation of what the Waldon Approach can offer your child or your practice. They include a video of Geoffrey Waldon himself working with ‘David’ taken in the late 80s; a video of Walter Solomon, author of Autism and Understanding, working with six different children in 2016 – two versions, one of 18 minutes if you want to get the idea of the foundational activities and one of 30 minutes if you want it more in depth. If you would like to see the whole film of any of the children then you can fill out the form on the Contact page.  We have written parental permission to use these videos and others for educational purposes.

Next, there are videos taken at the Young Child Conference in New York in April 2016. Daniel Posner MD talks for 20 minutes on the Movement Perspective and you can also look at his Power Point presentation. Then Walter Solomon talks for 20 minutes on ‘The Waldon Approach’ and there is also a copy of his Power Point below.

Finally, there are links to a comprehensive training section on the companion site:

Geoffrey Waldon teaches ‘David’
Walter Solomon teaches 6 different children
 Daniel Posner MD: “Movement Perspective” lecture at the Young Child Conference in NYC
 Walter Solomon: “Waldon Approach” lecture at the Young Child Conference in NYC

Daniel Posner MD – The Movement Perspective – PowerPoint


Walter Solomon – The Waldon Approach – PowerPoint


More training videos can be found on the companion website

More videos (23 short clips) of Geoffrey Waldon are at